Microsoft could be about to begin testing Windows 12

For avid users of windows, news that microsoft could soon begin testing windows 12 is exciting indeed. For several months, rumors have been circulating that the tech giant has been working on a new operating system to replace the widely used windows 10.

The redmond-based technology firm has yet to confirm any details about when — or even if — a new version of its flagship product will be released.

But recent reports suggest that beta testing for the new version could begin as soon as this summer, or possibly later in the year. This won’t be the first time microsoft has replaced its existing product with a completely redesigned operating system.

Back in 1995, it released windows 95 and launched an entirely different experience compared to its predecessors. There are now reports suggesting window 12 could bring an even bigger shift in what people can expect from their computers when they launch this successor to windows 10.

One potential major change which will come with it is support for 5g networks, allowing users of connected devices such as phones and tablets to access much higher internet speeds than ever before when running tasks such as streaming movies or downloading large files over a wireless network connection.

This would certainly make doing computing tasks more enjoyable and efficient than ever before! The latest rumors also suggest that cortana will be more integrated into window 12 than it