You have just over two weeks to save your Google Stadia controller

The imminent shutdown of Google Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming service, has put a spotlight on the fate of its accompanying hardware, particularly the Stadia controller. With the service’s closure, users have a limited time frame to make necessary adjustments to save or repurpose their controllers. Here’s what you need to know about the situation and how you can take action:

Timeframe for Action:

  • Users have just over two weeks from the announced date of Google Stadia’s shutdown to take any necessary steps regarding their controllers. It’s crucial to act within this period to ensure your controller remains usable.

Options for the Stadia Controller:

  1. Firmware Update: Google is expected to release a firmware update that would allow the Stadia controller to function as a standard Bluetooth controller. This update is crucial as, without it, the controllers may only work when physically connected via USB.
  2. Using as a USB Controller: Even without the update, the Stadia controller can still be used as a wired controller with a USB connection. This might be a limited use case but still allows the controller to be functional.
  3. Third-Party Software Solutions: There may be third-party software solutions that could emerge, offering alternative ways to repurpose the Stadia controller.

How to Prepare and Update:

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on official announcements from Google regarding the firmware update. They are likely to provide instructions on how to download and apply the update.
  • Check Connectivity: Make sure your Stadia controller is charged and can connect to the internet for the update.
  • Follow the Update Process: Follow the instructions provided by Google carefully to ensure the firmware update is correctly installed.

Considerations and Limitations:

  • Functionality Post-Update: It’s important to note that even with the firmware update, the Stadia controller might not have all the functionalities it possessed when used with Stadia’s cloud gaming service.
  • Compatibility: Check the compatibility of the controller with other devices and platforms post-update to understand its new range of usability.

Google’s Support and Resources:

  • Google is expected to provide support and resources to Stadia controller owners during this transition period. This could include customer service, online resources, and detailed FAQs.

Impact on Users:

  • The shutdown of Stadia and the subsequent need to update the controllers reflect the broader challenges and uncertainties in the cloud gaming market.
  • For Stadia users, this marks the end of a service and requires adaptation to new gaming setups or platforms.

In conclusion, with just over two weeks left to save your Google Stadia controller, it’s important to stay informed about Google’s updates and take the necessary steps to ensure your controller remains functional. Whether through a firmware update or using it as a USB controller, there are options to repurpose the Stadia controller for continued use. Keeping an eye on Google’s announcements and following the provided instructions will be key to navigating this transition.