6 early Cyber Monday 55-inch TV deals to suit every budget

As Cyber Monday approaches, shoppers are eagerly scouting for the best deals, especially in the electronics market. Among the most sought-after items are televisions, and this year, there are some incredible deals on 55-inch TVs that cater to a variety of budgets. Here’s a rundown of six early Cyber Monday deals on 55-inch TVs, each offering great value and catering to different price ranges.

  1. Budget-Friendly Model: For those on a tight budget, there are deals on basic 55-inch models that offer 4K resolution and smart capabilities. These TVs might not have the high-end features of more expensive models, but they still offer a great viewing experience with decent picture quality and access to streaming services. This deal is perfect for those who want to upgrade to a larger screen without breaking the bank.
  2. Mid-Range Option: The mid-range options typically include TVs from well-known brands that offer better picture quality and additional features like a higher refresh rate for smoother motion, which is great for sports and gaming. Some of these TVs may also offer better HDR support, providing more vibrant colors and deeper blacks.
  3. High-End Bargain: For those willing to spend a bit more, high-end 55-inch TV deals are available, featuring OLED or QLED technology. These TVs offer superior picture quality with high contrast ratios, wide color gamuts, and viewing angles. These models often come with a suite of smart features and are ideal for those who are particular about picture quality and tech capabilities.
  4. Gaming-Focused TV: Specialized 55-inch TVs for gaming are also on offer, featuring low input lag, high refresh rates, and compatibility with the latest gaming consoles. These TVs ensure a smooth gaming experience with crisp and responsive visuals, making them a great buy for gamers.
  5. Voice-Controlled Smart TV: There are deals on smart TVs that come with built-in voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant. These TVs offer not only great picture quality but also the convenience of integrating with your smart home ecosystem.
  6. Eco-Friendly Television: For environmentally conscious consumers, some 55-inch TVs on sale are designed with energy efficiency and sustainable materials. These models offer the dual benefits of advanced technology and eco-friendliness.

In summary, Cyber Monday is presenting a diverse range of deals on 55-inch TVs, catering to different needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, a mid-range TV with solid performance, a high-end model with the latest technology, a gaming-specific TV, a smart home-compatible option, or an eco-friendly choice, there’s likely a deal that fits your requirements. These early deals are an excellent opportunity to upgrade your home entertainment system with a new TV at a fraction of the regular price.

It’s Black Friday for hackers too – so watch out for these scams

As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, consumers around the world are eagerly seeking out the best Black Friday deals and discounts. However, it’s crucial to remember that this shopping frenzy isn’t limited to legitimate shoppers; cybercriminals are also gearing up for what they consider “Black Friday for hackers.” This is the time when they unleash a barrage of scams and cyberattacks to exploit the heightened online activity and vulnerabilities of unsuspecting shoppers. To ensure a safe and secure Black Friday shopping experience, it’s essential to be vigilant and watch out for these common scams:

  1. Phishing Emails: Be wary of unsolicited emails that appear to offer incredible Black Friday deals or urgent alerts about your accounts. Cybercriminals often use phishing emails to trick you into revealing sensitive information, such as login credentials or credit card details. Always verify the sender’s legitimacy before clicking on any links or providing personal information.
  2. Fake Retailer Websites: Scammers frequently create counterfeit websites that closely mimic legitimate online stores, complete with fake Black Friday deals. Double-check the website’s URL for authenticity, look for the “https://” prefix, and ensure it matches the retailer’s official domain. Avoid deals that seem too good to be true, as these often lead to fraudulent sites.
  3. Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks: Public Wi-Fi networks are notorious for their security vulnerabilities. Avoid shopping on unsecured public Wi-Fi, as cybercriminals can intercept your data. If you must shop on the go, use a trusted virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your connection and protect your information.
  4. Social Media Scams: Be cautious of enticing offers and links on social media platforms promising unbeatable Black Friday bargains. Scammers often create fake accounts or ads to lure users into providing personal information or making purchases on fraudulent websites. Stick to official accounts and websites of reputable retailers.
  5. Gift Card Scams: Beware of requests for payment in the form of gift cards. Scammers may pose as customer support representatives or even impersonate family members in distress, asking you to buy gift cards and share the card codes. Legitimate organizations and individuals rarely request payment in this manner.
  6. Delivery Phishing Scams: As online shopping activity surges during the holiday season, you may receive fake delivery notifications via email or text. These messages often contain malicious links or attachments. Always verify delivery notifications by tracking your orders directly on the retailer’s official website or app.
  7. Tech Support Scams: Watch out for unsolicited phone calls or pop-up messages claiming to be from tech support. Scammers may try to convince you that your device is infected or compromised. Never provide remote access to your device or financial information to unknown callers.
  8. Charity Scams: Be cautious of unsolicited requests for donations, especially if the charity is unfamiliar. Verify the legitimacy of charitable organizations before contributing. Reputable charities offer multiple ways to donate, and they won’t pressure you into giving immediately.
  9. Identity Theft: Protect your personal information and financial details by using strong, unique passwords for online accounts. Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible and regularly monitor your bank and credit card statements for unauthorized transactions.
  10. Review and Rating Manipulation: Some sellers engage in fraudulent practices by creating fake reviews and ratings to boost their products’ credibility. Approach online reviews with skepticism, and look for patterns of suspicious activity, such as numerous similar positive reviews posted within a short timeframe.

In conclusion, while Black Friday offers exciting opportunities for savings, it’s also a prime time for cybercriminals to exploit unsuspecting shoppers. To safeguard your personal and financial information during the holiday shopping season, stay vigilant, employ secure online practices, and verify the legitimacy of retailers and offers. Remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it’s crucial to exercise caution and verify its authenticity before taking any action. Cybersecurity awareness is your best defense against Black Friday scams.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are rumored to be finally arriving next year

The tech world is abuzz with rumors that Samsung is set to release the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro next year. This news has generated considerable excitement among tech enthusiasts and consumers alike, as the Galaxy Buds series has been known for its innovative features and high-quality audio performance. The anticipated Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are expected to build upon the success of their predecessors, potentially introducing new technologies and enhancements that could redefine the wireless earbud market.

Anticipated Features and Innovations: Although specific details about the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are still under wraps, there are several features and innovations that consumers and experts are speculating about. These could include advancements in sound quality, noise cancellation, battery life, and connectivity. Samsung might also focus on refining the design for better comfort and fit, which is crucial for wearable tech.

Improved Sound Quality: One of the primary expectations for the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro is enhanced audio performance. This could mean better drivers for clearer, more immersive sound, and possibly the introduction of new audio technologies that could enhance the listening experience for music, calls, and multimedia consumption.

Advanced Noise Cancellation: Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a feature that has become increasingly important in premium earbuds. The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are likely to feature more advanced ANC capabilities, with improved algorithms to effectively block out more ambient noise, thereby offering a more immersive audio experience.

Longer Battery Life and Charging Innovations: Battery life is a critical aspect of wireless earbuds. The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro might come with a longer battery life, both in the earbuds and the charging case. Innovations in fast charging or wireless charging technologies could also be part of the new offering, providing users with quicker and more convenient ways to recharge their devices.

Enhanced Connectivity Features: As we move towards more integrated ecosystems, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro could offer enhanced connectivity features, such as seamless integration with other Samsung devices, improved Bluetooth connectivity, or features that facilitate easier pairing and switching between multiple devices.

Design and Comfort: Comfort and design are crucial for earbuds, given the variety of ear shapes and sizes. The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro might feature a more ergonomic design, ensuring they are comfortable for extended periods and secure during physical activities. The design could also include elements that make the earbuds more resistant to elements like water and dust.

Health and Fitness Integration: With a growing focus on health and fitness, the new Galaxy Buds could include features like heart rate monitoring or integration with fitness and health tracking apps. Such features would make the earbuds more versatile and appealing to health-conscious consumers.

Market Impact and Competition: The release of the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will be significant in the competitive landscape of wireless earbuds. Samsung will be aiming to set a new benchmark in this market, competing against other tech giants who have established products with strong consumer followings.

Consumer Expectations and Brand Reputation: Samsung’s reputation for innovation and quality sets high expectations for the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. Consumers will expect these new earbuds to not only match but exceed the performance and features of previous models and competitors’ offerings.

In conclusion, the rumored arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro next year is eagerly awaited by both tech enthusiasts and everyday consumers. If the speculations hold true, these earbuds could bring a range of new features and improvements, solidifying Samsung’s position in the wireless audio market. The success of the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will depend on how well Samsung balances innovation with user needs and preferences, continuing its tradition of delivering high-quality, cutting-edge technology.

When is The Marvels coming to Disney Plus

“The Marvels,” the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is expected to make its way to Disney Plus after its theatrical release. While there isn’t an official confirmed date for its Disney Plus debut, various sources provide estimates based on typical release patterns for MCU movies:

  1. Polygon: They suggest that “The Marvels” will likely be available on Disney Plus sometime in January or February 2024, drawing comparisons to the release pattern of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”【10†source】.
  2. GamesRadar+: Aligning with this, GamesRadar+ also predicts a Disney Plus release for “The Marvels” by February 2024. This estimation is based on the usual time it takes for MCU films to transition from theaters to streaming platforms, which is generally between 48 to 90 days【11†source】.
  3. Screen Rant: Screen Rant mentions that the earliest potential release date for “The Marvels” on Disney Plus could be December 23, 2023, just in time for the holiday season. This date considers the minimum 45-day window between theatrical release and streaming availability often observed with MCU movies【12†source】.
  4. We Got This Covered: They anticipate that the film might drop on Disney Plus on February 7, 2024, exactly 89 days following its theatrical debut【13†source】.

Considering these insights, it seems that while an exact date isn’t set, fans can expect “The Marvels” to arrive on Disney Plus somewhere between late December 2023 and February 2024.

SAG-AFTRA members have voted over 98% in favor of authorizing video game strike

In a move that demonstrates how far the industry has shifted, SAG-AFTRA members have voted over 98% in favor of authorizing video game st. While the union has no obligation to call a strike, the vote allows its National Executive Board the option of doing so if it can’t reach a contract with the signatory companies of the Interactive Media Agreement (video game work). This would be in addition to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike that has impacted the film and TV industries since May 2, and marks the first time that actors and writers have simultaneously gone on strike in Hollywood history.

The main issues in this particular dispute center around wages that keep up with inflation, health care for on-camera performers and protections against unrestrained use of artificial intelligence in the production process. These concerns mirror those raised by the WGA in its broader contract fight with the AMPTP.

However, the specifics of SAG-AFTRA’s stance on these issues are what sets this strike apart from the WGA’s. Unlike the writers, SAG-AFTRA’s demands on video games focus more heavily on technology and less so on traditional issues like residuals. For example, the union is seeking more pay for its motion capture performers who perform on set to provide facial and body movements for digital characters in video games. The union is also seeking better medical coverage and breaks for these workers who have to spend long periods of time in suits with cameras pointed at their faces.

As of now, SAG-AFTRA has only offered its video game signatory companies “interim agreements” to address some of these concerns, which have been largely ignored by the companies in exchange for the perks that come with signing an interim agreement. The union claims that it will continue to negotiate in good faith with the signatory companies until it is able to reach a deal that it feels reflects the importance of video game work for its membership.

But this approach, which essentially spits in the face of its own membership’s will and desire to be treated in a way that is at least remotely fair, may backfire. Rather than bringing the negotiating parties closer together, it is likely to push them further apart, and could ultimately lead to a full-blown strike that will have even more of an impact on the entertainment industry and its ability to attract viewers and subscribers to streaming services.

In light of the tremendous support the actors’ and writers’ strikes have received, it is clear that if the AMPTP wants to avoid a lengthy strike—which could cost them billions in lost revenue—it is going to have to take more serious, creative risks. Hopefully, the next step in this historic struggle will involve building independent rank-and-file committees that can unite both actors and writers as well as other sections of the working class to stand with them in their fight against a system that is increasingly putting all forms of media out of reach for most people.

Starfield’s sun doesn’t shine on AMD graphics cards

Starfield is one of the most highly anticipated PC games of the year. Bethesda Softworks’ first new role-playing game IP since Fallout 3 promises a distinctly unique NASA-punk art style, massive star systems to explore, and a fully dynamic universe that varies depending on your GPU’s capability. Considering the game’s demanding CPU-bound nature, it’s no surprise that Bethesda has built in support for AMD’s DLSS and FSR spatial upscaling technology to keep frame rates high enough to enjoy the game’s full potential.

Unfortunately, that attention to detail has led to a bug in Starfield that renders the game’s sun completely invisible on AMD graphics cards. According to a popular Reddit post titled “Dear AMD Card User,” the game won’t render a star when you travel in-game to the dayside of any planetary body or moon without an atmosphere. This includes planets with a thin or full class M atmosphere as well as asteroid belts and moons in other solar systems. The problem only appears to impact users with AMD Radeon graphics cards, as Nvidia GeForce GPUs are not affected.

This is a bit of a shame, as the issue seems to be a simple fix for Bethesda and AMD. The aforementioned Reddit post shows a photo of the skybox from a moon without an atmosphere rendered with a Radeon RX 7900 XT, followed by a screenshot from that same spot taken with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. The difference is striking.

Seeing as AMD has been the exclusive PC partner for the Starfield launch, this seems like a simple oversight on both parts. It’s not as if the game isn’t optimized for AMD hardware, as it runs a lot faster on the company’s chips versus Nvidia’s RTX series of cards. But, even if the developers only had time to focus on optimizing Starfield for Ryzen and Radeon GPUs, it shouldn’t have been that hard to ensure that the game properly renders all of its features, including those supported by AMD’s own FSR spatial upscaling technology.

It’s a bummer to see this issue in Starfield, especially as Bethesda’s other recent releases, from Remnant 2 to Cyberpunk 2077, support AMD FSR and DLSS with flying colors. With the release of a modded version of the game on the horizon, it’s probably not a bad idea for both AMD and Bethesda to come together and figure out how to resolve this missing star issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, the game may not be the immersive experience many players were hoping for. That’s a shame for everyone involved. Check out our review of the Radeon RX 6800 XT to find out why it’s a great choice for PC gamers on a budget. It offers a solid 1440p gaming performance that rivals a pricier Nvidia GTX 1070 for $100 less. And, if you do decide to pick up an RX 6800 XT or another AMD Radeon card, remember to get the best CPU for gaming as well.

Veteran Red Dead Redemption writer leaves Rockstar after 16 years

Veteran Red Dead Redemption writer leaves Rockstar after 16 years

It’s not unusual for employees to leave a company, especially one as large as Rockstar Games. The developer behind the popular Grand Theft Auto series has had quite a few high-profile departures in recent years, with Lazlow Jones and Dan Houser waving goodbye to the studio earlier this year. And now it looks like another long-time member of the team is packing his bags. Earlier this week, it was announced that Michael Unsworth, the vice president of writing for Rockstar, has left the company after more than a decade of service. Unsworth’s lengthy resume includes writing credits on all of the major GTA titles, as well as Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2. He also wrote for other notable Rockstar games, including Grand Theft Auto 4, L.A. Noire, and Max Payne 3.

Originally spotted by GTAForums user Rucke and reposted by the official Rockstar news Twitter account SWEGTA, Unsworth’s LinkedIn profile has been updated to reflect his departure from the company. He did not elaborate on his decision to leave or give any details about what’s next for him. But the move is notable given that he was a key writer for the studio’s last big release, 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2, along with co-founder Dan Houser and another credited writer, Sam Houser.

Unsworth’s departure comes just days after Rockstar revealed that work has begun on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI. While the studio hasn’t confirmed any specific details about what’s in store for the franchise, it is expected to be set in Vice City. The game is currently in development, with a 2022 release date targeted by the company.

While it’s not unusual for employees to leave prestigious companies, the departure of Unsworth is a sign that Rockstar may be struggling to keep the team together as it continues to work on future titles. It’s been a rough few years for the studio, with prominent members like Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies and former GTA creative lead Lazlow Jones leaving in 2020. But Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick remained confident in the studio’s future in the wake of Houser’s exit, saying things couldn’t be better.

While it’s not clear exactly why Unsworth has left the company, it’s easy to see why he would want to do so. His massive writing resume includes the works of some of the biggest names in gaming, and he has proven himself as a valuable asset to the studio over the past decade or so. Hopefully, the rest of the team can pick up the slack in his absence and continue to deliver top-notch entertainment. Then again, with a few more years in the pipeline before GTA 6 arrives, that might be a tall order to fill. Regardless, we look forward to the studio’s next release, which is likely just around the corner.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink secures February 2024 launch date

After a lengthy wait, Granblue Fantasy: Relink has secured a February 1, 2024 launch date. During Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023, Cygames unveiled a new release trailer for the action RPG that showcased large-scale battles and a look at the game’s combo-driven gameplay.

Fans of the long-running series have been waiting for an action RPG since its initial announcement in 2016. The title suffered multiple delays and even saw development shifted from PlatinumGames to Cygames Osaka before being finally released this year. The publisher has also outlined several special editions for the title that will include a Proto Bahamut figure and a hefty artbook.

The new release trailer showcases several narrative story beats as well as a strong emphasis on the massive Primal Beasts that players will encounter throughout the game. The team at Cygames has also released a handful of new screenshots and a gallery for the game to give fans a better look at some of these massive creatures as well as the game’s colorful world.

The slick hack and slash style battle system is one of the main draws for the game, as the player can switch between a wide variety of characters that are all unique in their own way. From a quick and nimble gunner to a heavy damage-dealer, the character selection is extensive and allows players to mix and match their party for obscenely over-the-top attacks. Those flashy combos can be linked together for ‘Link Bursts’ which see the entire party perform a showy attack that can deal massive damage to all enemies onscreen.

Aside from the large-scale battles, the game will also feature a number of in-game activities that encourage players to explore and interact with various areas of the Sky Realm. Some of these include the ability to take on a series of challenges that offer rewards such as new equipment or a chance to fight a Primal Beast.

In addition to this, the game will be supported by a full suite of social features including online multiplayer, voice chat, and social media integration. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

Gematsu sat down with Granblue Fantasy: Relink general director Tetsuya Fukuhara as well as the game’s creative director Yasuyuki Kaji to discuss the title and what to expect when it releases next year.

Fukuhara spoke about the long wait that fans have endured for the title and how the team at Cygames wanted the game to feel like a spectacle in every aspect. He also talked about what it was like directing the game after taking over from PlatinumGames and how that influenced the way the team approached the project.

For those interested in securing a copy of the title for their console or PC, the publisher has announced that preorders are now open. Fans can find all the details on the special editions and pricing for the game on the official website.

Meta is bringing Threads to the web – is this the final nail in the coffin for X

Earlier this year, Meta launched Threads to be its latest Twitter-like social media platform. The app hit the app store with a bang and grabbed 10 million users within hours of its release, but since then, signups have slowed and user engagement has dropped. Meta hopes to revive the app’s popularity by bringing Threads to the web.

The company will reportedly launch a browser-based version of the app early this week, allowing people to use it on their computers instead of mobile devices. The move comes as part of a series of changes that are aimed at making Threads feel more complete.

In the weeks since the app’s launch, Meta has introduced a number of features including reposts, a new way to filter notifications in the Activity tab and the ability to follow other users (although you still can’t see their posts in a chronological feed). The most recent update brought post translations, which allow you to see a translated version of a message that would otherwise be unavailable.

All of these changes are a response to feedback that the app isn’t as functional as it could be. While they’re a good start, Meta needs to do much more in order to keep the app relevant. At an internal town hall meeting, Reuters reports that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that more than half of the 100 million users who signed up for Threads did not stick around. He noted that it’s normal for a new app to lose some initial users as it establishes itself in the market, but he also promised more retention-driving hooks would be added.

A web-based Threads may help the app retain some of its existing users, but it won’t make it more appealing to those who didn’t get in on the ground floor and already have established habits with other platforms. And a lack of any sort of reach metric means that it will be difficult for marketers and influencers to gauge how well the app is performing.

Meta is a little late to the party with this move, but it’s an important one for its long-term success. It’s a good indicator that the company hasn’t given up on the app, which is a big gamble for a firm that has invested tens of millions of dollars in its virtual reality project, the Metaverse.

Shares of Meta closed up about 3% on Wednesday, outpacing gains for the tech sector as a whole. The gains came despite the fact that the company had warned of lower than expected earnings due to the slowdown in its core Instagram business. But a strong web-based release of Threads might give the company a needed boost as it continues to struggle to turn around its fortunes.

Episode 1 of Apple TV Plus’ most spectacular sci-fi show is coming to YouTube for free

Apple helped launch the personal computer revolution in the 1980s, revolutionized the music industry with iTunes and iPods in the 2000s, and led the tablet, smartphone and smartwatch crazes with its iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in the 2010s. Now, the company has its sights set on the streaming service market with Apple TV Plus. The service has a small but mighty library of original titles, and more are being added all the time.

If you’re a sci-fi fan, it’s worth checking out. It has a number of popular shows, including Ted Lasso, For All Mankind, Severance and the movie Finch. It also has some interesting originals, including Extraordinary, a show about a woman who develops superpowers as she gets older. Hulu is another great option for sci-fi fans, with classics like Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as newer shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Extraordinary.

Netflix also has a decent selection of sci-fi, with originals like Stranger Things and The X-Files. However, the company’s decision to shed a lot of licensed content means that its sci-fi offerings aren’t quite as deep as they used to be.

It’s a good thing that other streaming services exist, because they have a lot of great shows to choose from. Amazon Prime Video is another major player in the market, and it has a huge catalog of shows. It also offers 4K streaming and a number of originals that aren’t available anywhere else.

Apple TV Plus is also a good choice for science fiction fans, because it has a lot of its own originals. The service has a ton of new movies and shows every month, and many are available for free. You can try a seven-day free trial of the service, and you can stream most of its original shows on any Apple device.

You can also find plenty of great shows on YouTube, which has a big collection of content from all types of genres. For example, Mr Sci-Fi is a popular channel that covers movies related to science fiction and fantasy. It features reviews, interviews and behind-the-scenes look at production.

There are also a lot of shorts on YouTube that are perfect for fans of science fiction. For example, Alientologists is a fun, short film from the company Dust that features aliens learning about human culture by examining their trash. It has some funny jokes about Game Boys and bras, but it’s still a very entertaining short. You can check it out here.