Hate writing emails? Gmail will soon do it for you on iOS and Android

Gmail is one of the most used tools for communication and business on the planet. Its high-speed backend connectivity and a host of built-in features make it easy for people to use it in their work and personal lives alike. However, the service does have a few annoyances that can make using it more frustrating than necessary.

For example, you can easily get carried away when writing emails and accidentally send something off without reading it through first. This can cause embarrassing or potentially problematic situations for everyone involved. But soon, Gmail will have an extra safeguard to prevent that from happening. The company is introducing a feature that will read your drafts for you before sending them. The company says it will do this so you can catch errors and avoid mistakes before a message is sent.

When you compose a new email, a small menu will appear with several actions you can take to edit the message: Delete, Undo, Archive, Mark as read or unread and Snooze. You can also select “Review” to view the email in full screen and do a final review before sending. This feature will be available on iOS and Android phones later this month.

Another annoyance many users have with Gmail is the difficulty of sorting through large numbers of messages. While threaded conversations help with this, it would be helpful to have a quick and easy way to sort messages by size or subject. For this, there are a couple of workarounds you can try. On desktop, you can search for emails by size by typing in Size:[int(x) for x in input()] into the search box. For example, searching for Size:10M will return all messages greater than 10 MB.

On the mobile app, you can use the same type of search to find emails by file type by entering filetype:[int(x) for X in input()] into the search box. If you need to find a specific file, you can even enter the extension into the search box.

The final major annoyance for some is that Gmail’s layout and design feels outdated. While there are some workarounds and third-party apps to solve this, it’s worth noting that Gmail is working on changing this in the future. The company is updating the service to give it a more modern look that will make it easier to use on mobile devices. It is also implementing a number of other improvements including improved search and typo corrections. The latest Gmail update is rolling out to all users and should be available within 15 days.